Michael Phillpot Lounge & Bar Refurbishment

During lockdown 2.0 we decided to refurb the Michael Phillpot Main Lounge.

WHGC members Mark Cronin, Lee Bonaldi and Steve Manfield together with our club electrician James Bowes and his team were assembled with, General Manager, Gary Salt as project manager. 

We had a very small budget and less than 4 weeks to achieve a remit of: freshen the place up, declutter, economically heat and provide multiple lighting options to enhance varied occasions.

Please see the attached pictures.

We now have a nicely heated space:  

*low profile, wall mounted controllable heaters which are economic to run, provide the warmth

*Mood lighting sets the scene for most occasions – over 100 colour schemes and programmes are remote controlled. LED and Bluetooth technology

*Neutral clean face plates throughout provide a consistent look

*We have embraced the curved wall and it now becomes a strong feature

*Low profile LED ceiling lights – dimable: in the bar

*Copper pendant lighting together with an LED pelmet runner strip enhances the bar and its lighting

*Spikes bar honours boards have low profile ceiling mounted led spots

*All walls repaired and made good  

It’s a vast improvement and very versatile and an amazing effort on such a modest budget. It was also a productive use of the lockdown period, making the most of no members / customers. All in all a worthwhile project 👍

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