200 Club – August Results

The August 200 Club draw took place on Sunday, the lucky winners are as follows;

1st - No. 263 - Frank Shannon

2nd - No. 201 - Ray Goatcher

3rd - No. 278 - Alan Henty

The next draw will take place on Sunday 29th September 2019 at 2pm.


We are approaching the end of our fourth year of the 200 Club and we would like to thank all of our members for your continued and much valued support.

As in previous years the 200 Club has been able to provide funding support in a number of areas, including –
◾Additional Christmas decorations,
◾Furniture for the Wayfarers Terrace
◾Clubhouse “West Hove Golf Club” signage.
◾Improvements to the planting area on the patio,
◾Stairs linking the Clubhouse to the patio.
◾High quality course flags and pins.
◾Men's shower refurbishment.
◾Practice net refurbishment.
◾Bins & ball washers on the course.
◾McDivots - Divot pins.
◾A contribution to the 25th anniversary celebrations.
◾Terrace furniture.
◾New bunker rakes.
◾New balcony lighting.
◾New post & rope which helps protect the course during winter months.

Any suggestions as to how funds might be allocated will be welcomed and given full consideration. So, please send any proposal/suggestion you might have in writing to the office addressed to The Friends of West Hove Golf Club, or to any of the committee members listed below.
◾Steve Gurr – Treasurer
◾Brian Hazelgrove – Secretary
◾Martin Emery – Chairman

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